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Glute Tips: Wake Em Up While Brushing Your Teeth

3 min read

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When people complain about “not feeling it” in their glutes, the usual prescription is more pre-workout banded glute activation drills. For some, this works just fine. You go from feeling a lil bummed out (pun intended) about your programming to having your glutes on fire!

This quick, simple trick is for the people who have it real bad. If you still can’t feel it after reading out top ten glute activation drills, this is for you.

The Sleepy Glute Epidemic

Ever since we moved out of the industrial revolution, people all over the world have been struggling with an insidious issue: we sit way too much!

Often you sit down for breakfast, sit in your car on the way to work, sit at your desk until lunch, sit down to eat that lunch, go back to sit more for work, sit on the drive home and then sit on the couch until bed.

This has KILLED our ability to fire our glutes! Even if you workout consistently, that kind of sitting schedule can ruin your gains and deflate those cheeks. 

How Do You Know If You Have Sleepy Glutes?

There are a few obvious symptoms of sleepy glute syndrome:

-Your athletic performance suffers
-Your pants start sliding off
-You start to suffer from chronic back pain

Another one is a bit more sneaky: are you a “hard gainer” in the posterior? Maybe you’ve been working out using a tried and true program for months, your diet is on point (meaning you’re eating in a caloric surplus), and you’re adding weight and reps to your lifts, BUT you’re not seeing any improvements to your glute size. This is a huge red flag saying “maybe you’ve got some glute activation issues.”

Besides noticing all or some of the symptoms above, here’s a quick way to test your glute activation power.

All you do is close your eyes and stand on a single leg for 60 seconds. Then try the other side. If one of both sides lack enough stability to keep you up for the full minute, you’ve got an issue with firing up the booty.

Once you’ve identified that you have an issue with sleepy, non-firing glutes, most people will begin glute activation training, but often it’s not enough.

The 3x30 Second Fix

What we’ve been prescribing for the worst cases of sleep glutes won’t take any extra time out of your day, is easy to remember and easy to get done. 

Every time you brush your teeth, (which better be at least twice a day!), you’re going to do 3 sets of 30 second long standing glute squeezes. With a short rest in between sets, this will also have the nice benefit of making sure you get your dentist recommended two minute minimum brushing time.

You may find yourself addicted to the feeling and lower back pain relief and start doing more sets throughout the day, just to keep that butt up and firing. I’ve had great results by doing a quick set anytime I stand up from a chair. Find whatever works for your lifestyle to get some extra work in, but the teeth brushing sessions should be mandatory. Given enough time this will become second nature and a life changing habit. 

How To Perform The Standing Glute Squeeze

Stand up and take a moderate to wide stance. Flare the feet out slightly. Now squeeze the glutes as hard as possible for 30 seconds. Bonus points for when you have free hands: Make "fists" to increase the neural drive through irradiation.

It’ll take a little bit of practice to be able to do this without interrupting your brushing session, but it’s worth it! Just like anything else, the more you do it, the better you’ll get at it. If you’ve had non-working glutes for a long time, even these glute squeezes will feel ineffective at first. Over time, you’ll begin to be able to contract harder and harder. After a few sessions you’ll also probably start feeling your pre-workout glute activation routines hitting a little harder.

This starts the snowball effect, as you’ll then start having better and better workouts, helping your toothbrush glute session fire harder and on it goes!

That’s A Wrap, Get Those Glutes Firing!

If you’ve struggled with “feeling it” in your glutes, give our 30 second fix a shot. Make it a habit and get as many sets in as you can a day. You’ll start the process of rebuilding your mind muscle connection and begin having some awesome workouts. 

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