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Do This Killer Glute Workout Anywhere

3 min read

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This glute centric workout comes courtesy of Cheeky Fitness Ambassador @Stefkarima, and is a fantastic way to tighten and lift the glutes.


You can perform it anywhere- at home, gym, while traveling or my personal favorite: outdoors in a park.

The whole workout requires minimal equipment, just a bench, couch or bed and a non-slip booty band, but you can increase the difficulty with some dumbbells if needed.

The workout should take approximately follows our recommended format for a booty day:


Glute Activation

Heavy Work Sets

Accessory Movements


We'll have a written description of each exercise/set/reps as well as the IG videos for reference.


Warmup: 5 Minutes


For the warmup, we're looking at about 5 minutes movement: walking/jogging, jumping jacks. Anything that will get your heart rate up works! In the video above, Steff wears herbooty band while doing some high knee walking. This has the benefit of combining your warmup with your glute activation.


Glute Activation: Monster Walks

3 sets of 15-20 steps 

Begin in a quarter squat, focusing on keeping your knees pushed out and take a step to the left. Then bring your right foot over, followed by a step to the right. One step = one rep

Main Lift: Hip Thrusts 

3 sets of 12-15 reps

This is the money maker. To perform the hip thrust, place your shoulder blades at the edge of your bed, couch or ideally a stable bench. 


Keep your chin tucked to your chest, and feet far enough out in front of you that at full extension your shin bones are vertical.


Dip down, then contract your glutes and "thrust" your hip up in the air. Squeeze the glutes hard at the top and that's one rep!


To increase the difficulty, you can add a resistance band or add some weights. Dumbbells work great for a home gym setup, barbells or smith machines are also great options if you have access.


Accessory Movement 1: Elevated Glute Bridge 


The glute bridge is similar to the hip thrust, but instead of elevation your shoulders, you leave them flat on the ground. In this variation, we elevate the legs to increase the difficulty.

Accessory Movement 2: Single Leg Elevated Glute Bridge 



Here we continue the same base movement, but perform the exercise unilaterally, or one leg at a time. This is the perfect time to really build a "mind muscle connection"

Extra Contraction Work: Crossover Kickbacks 3x10

By now your glutes are probably already on fire, so we're dropping the reps and focusing on quality glute contraction. Really squeeze the each glute and build some muscle.


Burn Out: Laying Side Clamshells 

2-3 of Max Reps (Burn it out!)



That's it! If you got through this workout, we guarantee you're feeling the burn (and that you'll feel it even more tomorrow!)

If you liked this kind of low equipment, do it anywhere workout, we have a 90-Day At Home Booty Program that guarantees results and includes full HD video demos, and 12 weeks of programming. 

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